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Selling your private home

When it’s time to sell your private home…


At Ternes Realty Group, we specialize in helping seniors make smooth transitions from one home to the next. We know how hard it is to leave a home where you may have lived for 30-plus years. Often times, there is some deferred maintenance or a little “too much stuff” that has accumulated that should be dealt with prior to the sale. We also realize that as we age, moving can be a daunting task.

Townhome in White Bear

Townhome in White Bear

Our motto is “Change Is Hard, We Can Help” and this is forefront in our minds every day. If a change needs to happen, it’s always easier to do it with someone you like and trust. Work with an expert who has done it before, can see the big picture, and will keep track of all the finer details, brings you a sense of comfort and security.

For some people, just the thought of selling their home and moving can be overwhelming. For others, maybe they have moved several times in the past and have their favorite boxes and packing supplies at the ready. No matter where you are at on this scale, we are here to serve and assist you in the process.

When it’s time to place your home on the market, it pays to do it right. Together we will create a timeline that allows you to accomplish all of your goals. When preparing to sell, it doesn’t matter what you need going forward. We have a wide array of professionals who can help if need be. Why take a chance on someone in the yellow pages, when we already have handymen, electricians, cleaners, painters, carpet installers and plumbers with proven track records like us?

We are also experienced buyer’s agents and can assist you in finding your next home. That new home might be another single-family home, or it could also be a condominium, townhome or cooperative where they do all of the maintenance. As with selling your current home, you need proper representation when buying a home. In all cases, this is a free service to you since there is a co-commission paid by the other seller.

Staged home in Coon Rapids

Staged home in Coon Rapids

Beautiful 4 season porch built by a client

Beautiful 4 season porch built by a client

At Ternes Realty Group, we have never charged full price commissions. We have always offered discounted rates to our clients and still provide over the top service. Just because the largest firms charge higher commission rates to sell your home does not mean that you as the client get more for it. Often times you can pay more and get less.

So what do you say? Do you want to start down a new path in life? We would enjoy working with you. Please contact us so we can get started together.

We look forward to meeting with you soon!

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