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Selling your Applewood Pointe home

Selling Your Applewood Pointe Home…


The process…

For many people, living in an Applewood Pointe home and being part of the warm and friendly community has been a great experience. We hope that this has been true for you as well. At some point, however, you will be faced with the decision of selling your home at Applewood Pointe. Like any private homeowner, a sizable portion of your wealth is tied up in the value of your home. When it comes time to sell, it’s only natural that you’d want to obtain the highest possible sale price in the shortest period of time.

Applewood Pointe of New Brighton

Applewood Pointe of New Brighton

To start with, all Applewood homes are offered for sale internally. Your local site manager will start the sale process by creating some internal literature, posting your home on the Applewood Pointe web site, and contacting everyone on the internal waiting list. Historically many homes have been sold following this process, and we are committed to help your site manager sell your home internally when possible.

In the event that this does not happen, we are happy to assist even more. It’s clear that the market is changing every day, and as your building gets older or as more new senior housing units are being built, it is becoming increasingly important to consider an expert to help you sell your home. We have extensive experience in marketing and selling Applewood Pointe homes.

When marketing your home, we build on what has already been done and take it much further. We use professional photography for your specific home and your specific community. We create full color marketing flyers and virtual tours to showcase your home. We then add your new listing to the multiple listing service (MLS) where it will be visible to every real estate agent and every person with an internet connection world-wide.

As an added service to our clients, we also stage our Applewood listings as needed using one of our seven (7) sets of staging furniture for free. Staging a home adds color and personality and results in faster home sales. Furniture adds a “feel dimension” to a room and allows your buyers to mentally place their furniture in your home before they move forward. Why pay another agent thousands of dollars for this same service?

Since Applewood Pointe homes cannot be financed with traditional mortgages, your future buyers will need to have the full sales price for your home available in cash at the time of closing. For many buyers, this might pose a timing problem if they need to sell their current home first. If that’s the case, we can help your buyers obtain a temporary bridge loan so they can close early and make the timing of the Applewood sale work for all parties.

Through 2018 we have assisted 85 Applewood Pointe homeowners sell their homes. That is 85 more homes than 99.9% all other Minnesota agents today. Why trust some other company or agent that does not have the experience needed in this specialized area?

Staged Applewood home ready for sale

Staged Applewood home ready for sale

Staged Applewood home ready for sale

Staged Applewood home ready for sale

Senior Solutions has also historically served as the broker in all of our transactions. This allows us to control the flow of money and ensure that you as the seller are paid in full at the time of closing. It does not matter if the seller is an individual, couple, heir or trust, we know what to do and what documents you will need going forward.

You can trust us with your home sale regardless of what Equity Tier (A, B, C or D) you own it under or the specific floor plan you would like to sell.

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